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Clerk is a company always attentive to the improvement of its services, to the generation of knowledge and to remain at the forefront in the energy field.

For this reason, we carry out basic and applied research and technological development projects in search of innovative solutions for our clients, adapted to the rapid changes in the energy sector.

International collaboration and collaboration with experts in different areas is also a constant pursuit for our company.

Green Hydrogen in Uruguay

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Uruguay's second energy transition

based on the use of H2 as an energy vector

2021 - 2022


In the last 10 years Uruguay has achieved a substantial change in its energy matrix, mainly due to the high participation of renewable energies in the electricity sector.
The current structure of the generation matrix, as well as the one foreseen for the coming years, resulting from the required expansion show the existence of variable generation surpluses that are produced structurally to this type of renewable type expansion (mainly with solar and wind sources).
There are several alternative destinations of these surpluses, from their direct export through international interconnections, to their use in various Power to X type applications, where the alternative Power to H2 to X, would be very promising.
The second energy transition in Uruguay could occur with hydrogen as an energy vector, allowing a total transformation of the energy matrix, not only in electricity (as up to now), but also in the transport sector or other industrial sectors where it could have a great penetration.
In this project, together with the collaboration of the National Hydrogen Center of Spain as world experts on the subject, a technical, logistical, economic and regulatory analysis of all aspects associated with the production and export of green hydrogen and its derivatives in Uruguay will be carried out.

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Demand Management

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Integral power demand management system.

Control algorithm and associated hardware.

2018 - 2019


Clerk has been interested in seeking technological solutions adapted to the changes that have occurred in the electricity matrix and in the functioning of the market.
In particular, there have been changes in supply: variable energy and surpluses in different time periods; and in demand, with the need to optimize costs and increase productivity.
In addition, there are greater technological opportunities to take advantage of these changes to benefit production and at the same time optimize the electricity sector.
Clerk has evaluated various sectors for the application of a solution for demand management, and in this case progress was made in seeking improvements in agricultural production.
In particular, for "smart" irrigation in agriculture, today there are telemetry tools that facilitate the correct measurement of the parameters involved.
By associating all of the above with the electricity supplier's tariff costs, the aim is to optimize all available resources, with the subsequent benefit for the customer and for the energy supplier through better use of its resources.

This project was carried out in collaboration with the Catholic University of Uruguay for the development of equipment and automation.


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