James Clerk Maxwell

1831 - 1879

Inspired by a deep and active philosophy

Scottish physicist and mathematician,

creator of the electromagnetic theory. 

He achieved the unification of existing knowledge about electricity and magnetism,

expressed in a model that is still in force

and has been the basis of further development of science in our area. 

Observer and intelligent to fully understand the nature and with the power of synthesis

to model it properly and find solutions to problems.

CLERK is a company focused on providing services

and consultancy in the energy market.

Focused on project management, and the operation and maintenance

of generation equipment, electrical grids and all the associated equipment.

Supervision and monitoring of facilities, such as preventive

and corrective maintenance.


Energy Studies

Prospective Studies

Proyect Evaluation

Energy Efficiency

Cost Optimization

Renewable Energy





Due Diligence:

Energy Proyects

M & A processes

We expect a growing energy market, with increasing levels of diversification and increasing competitiveness.


In parallel to local development, trade levels will increase with the countries of the region through new interconnections.


In this context, there will be new opportunities for access to other primary energy sources.

This process will have a special emphasis on the development of renewable energy and the adaptation of the industry and the companies to the economics of climate change.


Increasing the levels of investment, market adaptation and competitiveness of the energy sector will require the provision of first class international services.



Professional standing

Experience and knowledge

in the energy sector

Focus on

the customer needs


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In addition to our team, Clerk has an extensive network of professionals in the country and the region

that can provide expert support for specific projects in the field of energy.


Buenos Aires 675 Of. 401 I Zip Code: 11000 I Montevideo, Uruguay I Phone: (598) 2915 81 13 - 2915 81 14 I info@clerk.com.uy