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CLERK is a company focused on providing services

and consultancy in the energy market.

We expect a growing energy market, with increasing levels of diversification and increasing competitiveness.

Our company offers specialization and professional standing, experience and knowledge in the energy sector.

Our differential is to focus on the customers needs, offering customized solutions.


We provide a wide variety of energy services to give

solutions to each of our clients' needs.

Energy Efficiency and Incorporation of Renewable Energies

Connectivity studies for the connection of new power plants

Management and support on energy projects

O&M of power plants and grid's BOP

Power quality measurements

Regulatory and market analysis


CLERK conducts research related to the local energy market.
You can access them by entering in this section.

Simulation of the uruguayan electrical system

Feasibility of connection to the Uruguayan Transmission and Distribution network

Behavior of the electrical sector in Uruguay, annual report.

Montevideo, Uruguay   Phone: (598) 2915 81 13 - 2915 81 14

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