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Clerk offers to different customers, researchs in digital format.

Projections of the Uruguayan

electrical market

Feasibility of connections

of new power projects

Performance of the 

Uruguayan electrical system


Projections of the uruguayan electrical market

Simulation of the Uruguayan electrical system

Estimation of the spot price

and medium and long term surpluses


This work establishes the hypothesis for the evolution of the supply and demand of electrical energy in the Uruguayan system for the next 20 years. It estimates the characteristics of the expansion of the demand, the generating capacity (by source), and the behavior of the international exchanges.

Based on those hypotheses, and using the software SimSEE, the projections of marginal costs and spot prices of the system are determined for different probability of exceedance, as well as the energy shortages or surpluses.


New power generation projects:

Feasibility of connection to the Uruguayan

Transmission and Distribution network

This report performs an estimation of the available capacity in the MV and HV networks, for the connection of new power generation projects, considering a five-year horizon.

The work is based on the available information and in CLERK’s experience and criteria.

Specific load flow studies in particular network nodes are not performed for this study. Those load flow studies are necessary in case there is an intention to move forward on a project on a determined connection node. (*)


(*) CLERK can perform connectivity studies through load flow for specific cases, on customer demand.

Feasibility of connections of new power projects


Behavior of the electrical sector in Uruguay, annual report.

This report shows the performance of the Uruguayan electrical system for a particular year.

It includes information about power capacity, power generation, behavior of the electrical network, international exchanges, energy losses, energy costs, prices, new regulations.


It also presents information about the prospects of new installations in the system and the main works planned for the coming years.

Performance of the uruguayan electrical system

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